Posted by: Zorymar | January 14, 2012

Copos (Costa Rican shaved ice treats)

In a recent trip to Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region we stopped at the Puente de la Amistad and decided to try a copo.

This was not exactly an unknown treat to me, as in Venezuela we used to eat them often, except we call them “raspados”. However the copos incorporate one additional component the raspados don’t have: powdered milk. We saw this lady put together our tasty copo, starting with a couple scoops of shaved ice, followed by a couple scoops of powdered milk, which was then topped with more shaved ice.

Our flavour of choice was the traditional Kola, which was generously squirted all over the ice.

Topping everything, a touch of sweet, dense, delicious condensed milk.

The final touch: a cute marshmallow on a toothpick! The best way to eat it? Use the spoon to crush and combine all the components so you get the coolness of the ice, the sweetness of the Kola and the condensed milk and that unique touch of the powdered milk all in one bite! 🙂


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