Posted by: Zorymar | August 13, 2011

Flax Lemonade

I cannot remember ever having pop (sodas) to drink with our meals when I was growing up; Grandma had an array of beverages that she made every day instead. Fruit juices (made by simply blending some fruit with water and adding a bit of sugar if needed) were a popular choice; we would drink melon juice, watermelon juice, papaya juice, pineapple juice, mango juice… you get the idea. This flax lemonade was another one of those homemade drinks I grew up with. Some say it helps in losing weight and lowering cholesterol; apparently as far as health benefits go, you name it and flax does it! However, to me this is simply one of those drinks Pancha used to make for us. I like drinking it either hot (instead of tea) or cold on a warm day. Give it a try; I’m sure you’ll like it!

4 cups of water
1 tablespoon of flax seeds
The juice of 1 lime (approximately 3 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon of your sweetener of choice (I used agave nectar), or more if you like things sweeter.

Put the water in a pot over high heat. Once it starts boiling, add the flax seeds and let everything boil for 2 minutes. If you want a ‘thicker’ consistency leave it for another minute or two (the more you let the seeds boil the more oil they will release, which results in a thicker, oilier consistency). Take the pot off the heat and let it rest for a bit to cool, then strain the flax water, discard the seeds. Add the lime juice and sweetener (to taste). Drink it hot if it’s cold out, or put it in the fridge and let it cool for a refreshing drink on a warm summer day.



  1. Oh I can’t wait to try this, Zorymar. What an interesting and healthy drink. 🙂

    • I hope you’ll like it Krista! The more you let the seeds boil, the more oil they will release. The consistency ends up being interesting (and might take a bit to get used to), but it’s said to be quite beneficial health wise! 🙂

  2. Do you have to throw the seeds out or can you use them in something else like oatmeal, bread or something else?

    • I believe you need to grind flax seeds in order to digest them better and to get all the benefits from them. After making this drink I prefer to throw them out.

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