Posted by: Zorymar | October 12, 2010

Yuca fries

Fried yuca is a creative alternative to french fries. It is commonly prepared to accompany a barbecue, broiled chicken, or just on its own. The ingredients are simple and quantities will depend on how many people you want to surprise with this original dish. All you need is: yuca (or cassava root), water, salt and vegetable oil. Here is the preparation:

Cut the ends of the yuca, cut each root in half and peel carefully by setting the cut side down on a chopping board and slicing downward with a knife to cut off the bark. Wash well and set aside:

In a large pot or saucepan add enough water to fully cover the yuca that will be cooked, add some salt and bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add the yuca and let it cook for approximately 30 minutes. Once cooked, drain the yuca and let it sit to cool and dry:

Once cooled, pat dry if needed, remove the fibrous ‘vein’ in the centre of the yuca and cut into fries:

In a saucepan or deep skillet heat the vegetable oil and fry the yuca in small batches until golden brown. Drain on paper towels to absorb excess oil, sprinkle with some salt and serve:



  1. Fried yuca is da bomb. I love it! I love french fries too, I admit, but if perfect french fries are a perfect 10, perfect yuca fries are a 12!

    • Yes Jorge, I absolutely agree! If faced with the option, I would chose yuca fries every time! 🙂

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